Several Apeldoorn schools have associated themselves with a given War Monument. This is a way to make schoolchildren aware of the horrors of the war and of the fact that such horrors can sometimes, quite suddenly, touch close to home. Because of the bond we have with the city of Burlington in Canada, student exchanges are regularly organized. This is how we support the development of mutual respect and understanding between nations, principles that were hard fought for 75 years ago. Naturally, schools will also be given a prominent place in the Festival.
All elementary schools of the Municipality of Apeldoorn have been asked to submit in the fall of 2019 one drawing per school on the theme of “Peace and Freedom”. From all the entries, approximately 15 will be selected and the classes from which they originate will be asked to reproduce (paint) these drawings on large boards which will be exposed in diverse locations on the festival site.

“Apeldoorn and the War” Exhibition

Celebrating the liberation as well as the peace and freedom that it brought about is certainly a good thing to do. But it is also essential to reminisce and reflect on what happened before. We have recruited several service clubs, foundations and schools willing to prepare presentations for an exhibition on the theme “Apeldoorn and the War”. These will be displayed in a huge tent on the festival grounds.