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Canadian Liberation Festival
In Apeldoorn, World War II commemorations have developed into a special tradition; since 1985, they are marked every five years by a parade involving veterans and authentic military vehicles, by moving presentations as well as impressive artistic manifestations. The parade of 2015 was the last one in which veterans of the Second World War participated.
For 2020, it was decided to give the Canadian Liberation Festival a new format, still just as imposing in concept as in realization.


May 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of the official liberation of The Netherlands. Apeldoorn, because of its Canadian Veterans’ Parade tradition, will be drawing attention to this historical event in a unique way.

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Canadian Liberation Festival
The grounds in front of Paleis Het Loo are the chosen site where all sorts of activities will be taking place over the course of two days to commemorate the Liberation of The Netherlands, and more especially, the Liberation of Apeldoorn.
The Festival comprises of several manifestations. Throughout the day, Canadian bands as well as large and small Dutch bands ‑among others‑ will entertain visitors with their musical performances.

A Canadian village will be set up to present information about Canada and display various Canadian-sourced products available for sale from numerous stalls.

Next to this village, a true-to-history Canadian military camp will be installed, tents, vehicles and all. Schoolchildren of Apeldoorn will be taking part in the activities and will expose their self-made exhibits and presentations about Apeldoorn and the War.

The showpiece of this Canadian Liberation Festival is the 2021 Apeldoorn Royal Tattoo in which several music corps will carry the audience with their splendid renderings.

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